The manganese-natural ferrite anisotropy magnets were prepared via the solid state reaction method with various sintering temperature of 900, 1000 and 1100 oC for 3 hours. This process were performed by doping MnO2 on Fe2O3 natural ferrite. XRD, VSM and VNA Characterizations were carried out to investigate the effects of sintering temperature on structure, magnetic properties and microwave absorption capability. The characterization results showed that sintering temperature affect on microstructure, particle size and crystalline phase. Furthermore, the magnetic properties including the saturation magnetization value (Ms), and the remanent magnetization (Mr) increase, while the coercivity field value (Hc) decreases with the rise of sintering temperature. In addition, Manganese ferrites sintered at 1000 oC exhibit magnificent microwave absorption capability with an average value of reflection loss - 10.98 dB at 10.78 GHz. These superior materials is believed to be promising materials for microwave application in GHz range.